Zindraxi VRCHAT Dragon avatar PC + Quest

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Hey there!

I present you my cute little dragon, Zindraxi! VRchat avatar with phys bones and everything ready to upload

With this package you only require:

Compatible with PC VR and Quest (quest version is still around 20k polygons)

What is included:

  • Unity scene (PC/QUEST) with the model set up and premade 4k texture re-colors
  • Blender/FBX, and Substance Painter files

Before purchasing make sure to read the TOS. I cannot provide any refunds since this is a digital product. If there is a term you don't find here specified you must send me a message to clarify if it's permitted or not

Terms of Service:

  • Personal Customization: You are allowed to edit and customize the avatar for your personal use
  • Streaming Permissions: You are free to use the avatar for streaming on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter/X, and others
  • Public Avatar Uploads: You can upload the avatar as a public avatar, with any modification you like, as long as it's not a commission for a specific person or group
  • Use or parts for other avatars or mashup: You can take parts of the model (head, body, hands, feet, wings, clothes, etc.) and combine them with other avatars that you own, as long as you give proper credit to me for the creation of the individual assets taken
  • Cross-Platform Uploads and Compliance with VRChat and Other Game TOS: Users are permitted to upload the avatar to other games outside of VRChat, but they must comply with the terms of service (TOS) of both VRChat and the respective game
  • Limited Use: The use of this avatar is restricted to VRChat or platforms similar to VRChat (Neos, Chillout, others), as well as VTubing and social media. Any usage outside virtual environments and social platforms, such as game development, or other commercial endeavors, is strictly prohibited
  • Texture/Edit Commissions: Users are permitted to sell texture/edit commissions for the avatar, with the condition that both the creator and the client must own the avatar. Additionally, users can create and sell clothes and accessories for the avatar
  • Reselling and Redistribution: It is strictly prohibited to resell or redistribute the model, or parts of it (head, body, hands, feet, wings, clothes, etc.)

If you have a problem with the model or files just write me up via Discord and I'll help you out (RafaelSculpts)

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16/03/2024 - Updated page. Extras versions will be removed in accordance to Gumroad's new policy

23/04/29 - version 1.06 Includes a new leather set for both versions

I want this!

You will receive the model, extra textures, unitypackage, substance painter, blend and fbx files

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Zindraxi VRCHAT Dragon avatar PC + Quest

23 ratings
I want this!